Wooden Essential Oil Box (25 Bottle Capacity) Storage Box

  • $ 19.99
  • Save $ 4.96

This wooden essential oil storage box is a great way to store your essential oils.  Essential Oils are volatile and need to be kept cool in a safe, dark place.  This wooden essential oil storage box is the ideal way to store them.  

This attractive box looks great in the kitchen, on the bathroom sink, and anywhere else in your home or office.

This wooden box is custom-made to hold 25 (5-15ml) essential oil bottles.  It is also lightweight (about 1.5 pounds), very compact, and is perfect for protecting your essential oils from damaging sunlight.

Here are some features of this attractive wooden essential oil storage box:  

  • Holds 25 (5-15 ml) essential oil bottles
  • Lightweight & compact, making it easy to transport your oils wherever you go
  • This beautiful display case is perfect for your essential oils when making presentations
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.5 x 8 inches  
  • Product Weight:  1.5 pounds

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