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Soap Making and Candle Making - Instant Essentials

Soap Making and Candle Making

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Soap Making and Candle Making Step by Step Guide to Do-It-Yourself Soaps and Candles

All you need to know about soap making and candle making at home!

#1 Book - Soap Making Book

Do you know what the advantage is of natural handmade soaps and why more and more people create organic handmade soap at home with their own hands?

First of all, it is a creative product with a piece of your heart and soul. Soap crafting is an occupation for your soul, and it brings joy and pleasure for those people who are engaged in this process.

Our audiobook with handmade soap recipes will teach you how to create the best handmade soap - a soap that contains natural oils and organic additives - honey, oats, calendula flowers, chocolate, and more.

Easy, natural homemade soap is a great and original gift which hardly anyone could remain indifferent about. Natural ingredients, the basis from which handmade soap is created, have a beneficial effect on the skin.

If you are looking for the best recipes for handmade soap, a soap-making audiobook with step-by-step instructions for the cold soap-making process, how to design, wrap, and store homemade soap, and, of course, how to choose the best natural ingredients and lye, you are at the right place!

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