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Serenity Calm Massage Oil Blend

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Peace - Calm - Balance - Relax  - Serenity Massage Oil Blend

Serenity Massage Oil Blend is a Ready-to-Use combination of our 100% Pure Essential Oil Serenity Formula added to our massage base (jojoba, sweet almond and grapeseed oils). It is designed to help you become calm and relaxed. Get fast relief from agitation and worry with our Serenity Massage Oil Blend.

Serenity is a state of mind - and one the world is quickly losing. So we've scoured every corner of the Earth, testing dozens of rare oils in thousands of combinations before finally discovering this pure gateway to peace, quiet, and bliss.

Serenity Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils designed to help you relax, calm down, and achieve a state of harmonic peace. Get fast relief from stress with our undiluted Serenity Aromatherapy Blend.

Ingredients In This Aromatherapy Blend:  

  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Mandarin Orange Essential Oil
  • Marjoram Essential Oil


'Aroma Notes' Description From One Of Our In-House Specialists - One of our team members with a specially-trained Nose describes the aroma of this amazing blend:  You'll notice the warm stirring of frankincense first - yet it quickly becomes diffuse in a current of botanical accents - eddies of piney rose and waves of freshly squeezed mandarin orange flowing below an herbaceous Mediterranean breeze.

Suggested Uses For This Blend:  This is a great peaceful massage oil blend for to help rub away the stress of the day.  

The Serenity Calm Massage Oil Blend is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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