CYBER Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oils Diffuser Humidifier

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  • Aesthetically pleasing Essential Oils diffuser with a naturally-elegant porcelain design. WHISPER QUIET DESIGN allows for silent and powerful diffusion. The Instant Essentials® Oil Diffuser is a luxurious and completely reliable Essential Oil Diffuser available for the most serene relaxation experience.
  • SPECS: This luxury diffuser allows you to customize the diffusion of essential oils for up to 3 hours (on continuous setting) or 6 hours with 30-second bursts (on intermittent setting) (at the rate of about 30ml/h, frequency can be adjusted to reflect your diffusing needs on continuous or intermittent misting). Ultra convenient, built-in automatic shut-off when minimum water level is reached.
  • The Instant Essentials® Essential Oil Diffuser was specifically designed not only with a luxury feel in mind, but specifically for the therapeutic diffusion of essential oils unlike some diffusers. This diffuser contains an Ultrasonic transducer vibrating at a frequency of 2.4 million times per second which makes the molecules of water and essential oils so tiny that it is more readily absorbed by your body. Ultrasonic vapor diffusing yields a 'cool mist' that protects the original therapeutic effects of the essential oils instead of heating or burning them which may destroy their original molecular structure. 
  • Black Stone Porcelain Diffuser Humidifier
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - To use, place diffuser on a firm surface and plug into an outlet. Remove the beautiful porcelain cover and then remove the internal plastic cover. Use a small measuring cup to fill water up to max level line clearly indicated inside water sink. Add drops of Essential Oil of choice to water sink inside diffuser, place plastic cover back on, then place porcelain cover back on. Push the LED light button if you would like a soft, warm glow from your diffuser (push once for changing colors or keep pushing to pick a solid color). Then select either continuous diffusion or intermittent diffusion with the mist button. Simple to clean.
  • This is a solid, high quality ceramic cold air ultrasonic diffuser that is sleek in style and simple to use.

    • Diffuser I Air Purifier I Humidifier
    • Size: D 90mm H 232mm
    • Capacity: 100ml
    • Mist operation - continuous mode 3 - 5 hours
    • Mist operation - 30 second intervals 6 - 10 hours
    • LED light - warm light at bottom
    • Auto shut off when water runs out
The CYBER Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oils Diffuser Humidifier is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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