Aromatherapy Necklace Locket Refill Pads (30 MM) (12 Pack Multi-Color)

  • $ 27.90
  • Save $ 14.10

If you love aromatherapy jewelry like we do then you likely use a lot of these inserts.  You will receive a Pack of these refill pads in a plastic sleeve.  

  • Great for round style Locket (especially our Tree of Life Pendant)
  • Pure cotton pads - Provide optimum wicking and diffusion of your favorite oils
  • These diffuser necklace refill pads are 30 mm or 1 inch in diameter and fit the largest aroma pendants
  • We recommend only one scent per pad that you use
  • Each pad can be reused 4 times and should be replaced when they lose absorbency
Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Aromatherapy Necklace Locket Refill Pads (30 MM) (12 Pack Multi-Color).

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