Aroma Diffuser with LED Color Change - Light Wood/White Color

  • $ 21.00
  • Save $ 24.90

  • Beautiful Aesthetically pleasing Essential Oils diffuser with a naturally-elegant and WHISPER QUIET DESIGN allows for silent and powerful diffusion. The Instant Essentials® Oil Diffuser is a luxurious and completely reliable Essential Oil Diffuser available for the most serene relaxation experience.
  • Diffuser with LED Color change/ light Wood Color
  • 300ML Capacity
  • Timer for 1-3 hours for interval diffusing
  • Can Use as just a light without diffusing
  • Auto-Shut off
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - To use, place diffuser on a firm surface and plug into an outlet. Remove the cover, use  the included measuring cup to fill water up to max level line clearly indicated inside water reservoir. Add drops of Essential Oil of choice to water reservoir and place cover back on. Push the LED light button if you would like a soft, warm glow from your diffuser (push once for changing colors or keep pushing to pick a solid color). Simple to clean.
The Aroma Diffuser with LED Color Change - Light Wood/White Color destined to impress, and priced at only $ 21.00, for a limited time.

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