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The Instant Essentials Mission

It's simple really...

We are a family of Essential Oil Lovers, daily users, family-driven friends who have come together to share the "Essential Oil Lifestyle" that we love so much.  Our mission is to share the Essential Oil Lifestyle with 1 Million people.  

Our aim is to deliver high quality Essential Oils, Artisan Blends, products and goods to the essential oil marketplace with equally strong educational information.  

We are believers in this and our goal is to help educate, support, and train the at home essential oil user on how to take advantage of nature's gift most effectively and safely.   


Our Guarantee To You

We aim to create raving fan customers by delivering on what we promise.  

Your satisfaction is our primary aim.  

If at any point you find yourself dissatisfied with one of our products, just let us know and we’ll promptly replace or refund your order - your choice.

Simply email and we will help you


Why Choose Us

We are fully aware that you have many options and places you can order from but here are some reasons you may consider choosing to do business with us:  

Reason #1:  We are Essential Oil lovers, daily users, and creators of high quality Essential Oil products and services.  The products and services we offer are all the ones we use ourselves and stand behind their quality.  

Reason #2:  We offer a direct connection with our customers.  We sell online not only online (via our E-commerce store), but we also sell from our physical location here in Chichesterm NH - so we have a direct relationship with You, our valued customer.  

Reason #3:  We are not affiliated with any particular Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM) so we don't have a hidden agenda to try and sell oils.  At the same time, we don't have anything against any particular MLM.  The benefit to you is that you won't be paying more than you have to accommodate for the multiple layers of sales representatives in the MLM. This allows us to pass awesome savings to you through affordable pricing which I am sure you will appreciate.  ;-)  

Reason #4:  We Guarantee your satisfaction.  As I stated above, we want you to be happy with your order so if for any reason you are not please email us at our support address and our team will take great care of you.  

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and I invite you to look around our store.  


The Instant Essentials Team














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