Black Pouch - Aromatherapy Necklace of the Month Program


We Wanted To Offer You a Variety of Beautiful Aromatherapy Necklaces -  So We Created Something Special Just For You...

Introducing The "Black Pouch Program" Get a NEW Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Necklace Design Every Month For 50% Off! Get a NEW Aromatherapy Necklace and 3 Refill Pads Delivered In An Elegant Black Pouch

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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of This NEW Program...

  • DIFFUSE BEAUTIFULLY! Elegant vents on the face of the locket make it easier to passively diffuse your favorite essential oils through the embossed design ... faster and more effectively than ever before!
  • Be the envy of your friends, family and coworkers!  Our customers have reported to us that they get so many compliments when they wear our aromatherapy necklaces.  Be prepared for people to admire your beautiful necklace and say, "Hey, where did you get that beautiful necklace?"  :-)
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Adjustable stainless steel chain with lobster claw connector (18-20") gives you the power to adjust the length of the necklace easily so it fits perfectly - Fast!
  • NO-NONSENSE! Strong locking magnets on the locket secure the 100% cotton pad inside and prevent it from falling out - easy to open too by using your thumb/fingernail to open!
  • PRACTICAL!  With your order you will receive THREE 100% cotton highly absorbent, white interchangeable pads.  You can have options to put whatever Essential Oils or Blends you love on the pads so you can diffuse them passively all day!  
  • Pads are Reusable - If you want to change the scent, simply remove the pad from locket, rub with soapy water, rinse with warm water, and allow to air dry and then use whatever essential oils you like on it in a snap.  If you prefer, you can also just wait for your next shipment to get three more NEW pads!
  • No Commitment - Unsubscribe at Any Time - You can start this program today and we'll ship your first order out.  Stay subscribed as long as you like!  
  • FREE Refill Pads with every order so you can mix and match what essential oils or blends you choose to diffuse each day!  
  • Expand your aromatherapy jewelry collection with a new design every single month - wow your friends with beautiful new designs
  • As your collection of aromatherapy necklaces grows you can mix up which unique piece you wear with each day's outfit
  • We might also include an occasional Surprise Bonus gift from time to time...
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