Where Can I Buy Essential Oils?

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Interest in essential oils is exploding as people realize that they don't have to buy chemical-laden products from the store – they can make home medicines, home cleaning products, home cosmetics and other items themselves. The healing power of various natural plants is something that many Americans are rediscovering for the first time.

So where do you buy these essential oils? There are numerous vendors out there – here are some tips on how to get started.

Buying Essential Oils From an Easy-to-Shop Online Provider

When you want to get started with essential oils, you have a choice. You can look for local vendors and shop-fronts in your community, or you can utilize the online shopping model.

Some of those who have spent some time getting started with essential oils know that it can be hard to find local essential oils vendors “in real life,” and you may have to travel a long way. You're not likely to have these folks right at your back door.

By contrast, when you shop at Instant Essentials, you're taking advantage of a modern, cutting-edge digital storefront with all of the essential oils and products you will need, along with carriers and accessories – and you can buy it all right from the comfort of your home!

Buy Essential Oils with Guidance and Orienting Materials

Here's another reason our customers love to buy essential oils and related products at Instant Essentials.

When you're new to the world of essential oils, whether it's for aromatherapy, health or anything else, you want some basic information about how to use these products. You're not going to automatically know, for example, how to use a diffuser, or what's the best beard oil, or how to use a carrier along with a powerful diluted oil. Some of these oils require different kinds of handling – and without a detailed knowledge, there’s a significant learning curve.

That's why Instant Essentials maintains a handy learning base right up front on the site’s front page that helps you to learn more about the power of essential oils and how they're used. We offer books and other resources to help beginners to get started, and really get their money's worth out of an essential oil purchase.

Getting Quality Essential Oils

At Instant Essentials, our essential oils are comprised of 100% pure ingredients. We work directly with farms and distillers to bring these artisan products to market. There's no factory chain to contaminate them.

That’s a big deal in today’s business world, where the quality of products is often a major consumer concern, and in an industry where there’s really no single “silver bullet” label to show the quality of an item.

Talk to Instant Essentials about getting set up with everything you need to utilize the power of natural products in your home. Look for massage oils, natural organic creams, homeopathic oils and anything else you might have heard about, and check out our co-op program for purchasing alternatives. We're happy to help you get started on your essential oils journey!

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