Clean Your Way to Natural Success with These Seven Top Essential Oils

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Have you ever thought about how various cleaning products are different?

You have high chemical cleaning products that often come in flashy packaging with nice pictures of lemons or attractive logos on the front.

Then you have natural products in earth tones, with lofty names that seem kind of healthy but are not as attractive to a buyer.

The thing is, natural products can be excellent and very attractive cleaning options. Even if the companies that sell them don't dress them up the right way, you can bypass the middleman and get essential oils and make some of these great cleaning products yourself!

Here are some of the best essential oils to use for cleaning house.

Tea Tree Oil

As an antiseptic oil, this oil is great for fighting viruses and eliminating harmful bacteria on a surface. It also has a nice clean smell.


This citrus fruit has essential oils that are also antibacterial and antiviral, making it an excellent pick for cleaning in the cold season or any other time of year. Getting the essential oil means you get pure, unmixed lemon power into your cleaning toolkit.


We think of Rosemary as an Italian cooking herb – but it also has a lot of the same properties. It smells great, too! Just crush a few leaves between your fingers, and you’ll understand why this is one of the most popular bed herbs and great essential oil to have around.


Eucalyptus is a natural germicide – you probably already know that it's in a lot of cough drops and antiviral health products. It's also an excellent essential oil for cleaning for some of the same reasons.


Peppermint has a lot of the same antibacterial qualities, and it's great around Christmas! Seriously though, we associate peppermint with the holiday season, and many of us, when we smell it, also associate it with cleanliness. Those are two reasons that many of our customers like to have it in their essential oils kit.


Pine is another essential oil for cleaning. It's already in a lot of those chemical products, but if you look closely at the label, you may not be getting much natural pine at all. On the other hand, the essential oil is right from the tree, and it has a lot more healthy and calming properties than something cooked up in a laboratory.

Wild Orange

This is one we haven't heard as much about, but it actually can help with greasy cleaning jobs, while still providing some of that sanitizing power of the citrus fruit.

Think about using any of these essential oils to have a better time cleaning your kitchen, bathroom or any other living space.

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