Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy Recipes for Beauty, Health & Home - Plus Advice & Tips on How to Use Essential Oils"

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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, extracted from various parts of aromatic plants and trees, to promote health of the body and serenity of mind. It is considered a holistic therapy, which makes use of the various properties of these oils, incorporating them into various forms of treatment, aimed at restoring and maintaining health. Like all holistic therapies, aromatherapy seeks to strengthen the body's own innate self-healing ability, aiming to restore balance, both physically and psychologically. It views disease or disorder as the result of an imbalance in the body or mind, and strives to correct this.

This imbalance usually occurs when a person moves further away from a more 'natural' way of living, which may involve eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise or allowing the mind to become preoccupied with negative thoughts. Making appropriate lifestyle changes is an important part of an aromatherapy treatment, and will greatly compliment the properties of essential oils, helping to speed healing. Aromatherapy treatments may take the form of; An aromatherapy massage, which is not only the most cost effective and safest way of introducing oils to the body, but it also includes the values of the actual massage therapy itself, and the importance of therapeutic touch.

The oils may also be incorporated into a bath Used on a compress Used as inhalations They can be used in an oil burner, which can produce a wonderful fragrant atmosphere in a room, are a valuable addition to any beauty routine being used in both the care of skin and hair, and can make highly pleasant perfumes when applied to the skin. 


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